1024 442 Ward Vuillemot

Working at RealSelf: Karan Sharma, Senior Software Engineer

What are some of your favorite tech tools your team is using? Our tech stack has a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Our teams undertook a mammoth effort of…

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Making the Switch: How the RealSelf Design Team converted to Figma

Why Now? Like many design teams, we’re constantly trying to improve our processes and workflows so that we can design faster and smarter. As designers, it’s important for us to…

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Ramping Up at RealSelf

Many companies talk about being truly inclusive, agile and continuous learning organizations; however, few in my experience are able to execute this vision to the extent I have seen at…

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Selfies, Facial Recognition & How to Safeguard your Privacy and Identity

Learn why you should we be concerned about selfies, and learn how RealSelf is helping safeguard you when posting on our site.

Most of us use Facial Recognition Technologies (FRT) daily; built-in to our phones, tablets, workplaces and security systems. FRT is not threatening by definition, but is highly susceptible to biases and inaccuracies driven by homogenous development teams and a historical, systemic low regard for user privacy.

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