RealSelf Insiders.

RealSelf Insiders

RealSelf Insiders are community members recognized by the RealSelf team for openly sharing their treatment experiences and supporting others along the way. They believe in the power of making informed decisions and embody the best of our community’s spirit of transparency, helpfulness, and respect.

The RealSelf Insider program is our way of thanking these superstars for their contributions. We recognize RealSelf Insiders with a profile badge, thank-you gifts, and opportunities to make their voice heard about potential changes with early looks at new site and app features before they launch.

A day in the life of an Insider

Once you become an Insider, our only expectation is that you’ll keep doing what you do so well: share your experiences while supporting others.

A few awesome perks to look forward to as a RealSelf Insider:

  • Sneak peeks. Be first to learn about the newest features on RealSelf, new products, trending treatments, and even participate in select RealSelf initiatives. With this perk, you’ll be among the first to ask providers questions and share your experiences.
  • A megaphone. We’re not sending you a RealSelf megaphone (though that would be pretty cool), but you’ll be able to share your feedback about new programs and site features with decision makers at RealSelf.
  • Product trials. You’ll have the opportunity to try new skincare products and cosmetic treatments, and tell the rest of the RealSelf community about your experience.
  • An exclusive community. Discover and connect with like-minded beauty enthusiasts.
  • Insider information. Get an exclusive newsletter featuring the upcoming month’s activities, a behind-the-scenes look into RealSelf, and other valuable info.
  • Swag & incentives. Earn RealSelf swag, treatment discounts, and free products for your support as a RealSelf Insider.
  • Exclusive experiences. Meet up with your fellow Insiders and top RealSelf providers.
  • An enhanced profile. You’ll get a badge on your profile showing your Insider status.

How do you become a RealSelf Insider?

To be considered for the RealSelf Insider program, you must be an active RealSelf member with a track record of sharing your story and helping make our community a better place. Members who consistently support and help out others are most likely to be selected.

If you think you’re RealSelf Insider material and would like to be considered, apply!

Frequently Asked Questions About RealSelf Insiders

What happened to the RealFriends program?

The RealSelf Insider program is RealFriends, but with a new look and name, and expanded perks. Like many of you, we’re constantly on a journey to become our best self. The RealSelf community has grown, and we’re investing more in our biggest fans. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead.

Why wasn’t I selected as a RealSelf Insider?

We appreciate your interest in becoming a RealSelf Insider! Don’t give up hope. At the moment, the RealSelf Insider program includes only the most active and supportive members, but it will continue to expand. If you’ve asked to join, your name has been placed on a waiting list, and you will be reconsidered as the program grows.

If you haven’t yet been invited, it could be for one of these reasons:

Your activity:
Have you created an account and been active on RealSelf for several consecutive months? Have you both shared your own experience and supported other members? Insiders provide vital information for other RealSelf community members to consider while making their own decisions about cosmetic treatments.

Contact info and spam filters:
Is your contact information correct? Are your email filters blocking emails from RealSelf? We may have tried inviting you and received no response.

Code of Conduct:
We vet contributions by our most active users to ensure they adhere to our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service. If you believe this may be the reason you haven’t received an invitation, please be mindful of them going forward.

Your Location:
At this time, the RealSelf Insider program is only available to residents of the United States.

I got an email from RealSelf saying that I’m invited to join the RealSelf Insider program. How do I tell you I want to join (or not)?

Congrats! Please fill out this application.

Are Insiders expected to post only positive reviews and comments?

No. RealSelf members value comments and reviews that are honest, helpful, informative, and objective. We welcome all contributions that meet this bar. Like all community members, Insiders must conform to the RealSelf Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.

Are Insiders paid for writing reviews or asked to write favorable reviews?

Insiders are not and never have been paid for any reason, nor do we ask them to write positive reviews—only to share their authentic experiences.

Do Insiders get products in exchange for their activity on the RealSelf site?

At times, Insiders may receive free or discounted products or services as perks for their participation in the program. These are not provided in direct exchange for engagement with the RealSelf site.

Can brands who advertise on RealSelf directly contact or otherwise influence Insiders?

Brands have no direct contact with or influence over Insiders’ opinions of their products, treatments, or affiliated providers.

I’ve had an interaction with an Insider that I don’t think meets the RealSelf Code of Conduct. What should I do?

Insiders are expected to live up to the RealSelf Code of Conduct in every interaction with other RealSelf members. If you believe their behavior doesn’t align with the Code of Conduct, contact us.

Last modified: September 27th, 2019