A Team as Diverse as the Community We Serve.

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We’ve got a pilot, point guard, synchronized swimmer, spelling bee champ, hula hoop enthusiast, and an aspiring cartographer, along with passionate gamers, musicians, dancers and DDR divas, quilters, fly fisher(wo)men, cider and soap-makers, marathon runners, writers, bakers, astronomers, gardeners, coaches, cyclo-cross racers, yoga instructors, bleary-eyed new parents, and a clutch of karaoke kings and queens.

We’re a creative, curious mix of industry veterans who take pride in doing great work—while enjoying a colorful range of interests outside the office.

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Leadership Team

James Coyle


Ward Vuillemot


Judy Stern


Jim Nida


Anita Chen

Chief of Staff

Joshua Siegel

VP, Product

Kelcy Heringer

VP, B2B Marketing

Kristen Black

VP, Industry Partnerships

Josh King

General Counsel

Kirsten Mann

Senior Director, Sales

Board of Directors

Tom Seery

Founder & Executive Chairman

Judy Verses

Executive Vice President,
Wiley & Sons

Barney Harford

Former COO, Uber Technologies
Former CEO, Orbitz Worldwide

Lizette Williams

Marketing Executive, Facebook
Diversity Thought Leader

Andrew Hunt

Elephant Partners

Mike Slade

Second Avenue Partners