A Team as Diverse as the Community We Serve.

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We’ve got a pilot, point guard, synchronized swimmer, spelling bee champ, hula hoop enthusiast, and an aspiring cartographer, along with passionate gamers, musicians, dancers and DDR divas, quilters, fly fisher(wo)men, cider and soap-makers, marathon runners, writers, bakers, astronomers, gardeners, coaches, cyclo-cross racers, yoga instructors, bleary-eyed new parents, and a clutch of karaoke kings and queens.

We’re a creative, curious mix of industry veterans who take pride in doing great work—while enjoying a colorful range of interests outside the office.

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Leadership Team

Jeff Kizilbash


Ward Vuillemot


Hailey Sullivan


Jim Nida


Anita Chen

VP, Growth & Revenue

Joshua Siegel


Kelcy Heringer

VP, B2B Marketing

Kristen Black

VP, Industry Partnerships

Josh King

General Counsel

Kirsten Mann

VP, Sales

Craig Meadows-Stein

VP, People

José Luis Ferrer

Head of YNS

Board of Directors

Tom Seery

Founder & Executive Chairman

Judy Verses

Executive Vice President,
Wiley & Sons

Barney Harford

Former COO, Uber Technologies
Former CEO, Orbitz Worldwide

Lizette Williams

Marketing Executive, Facebook
Diversity Thought Leader

Andrew Hunt

Elephant Partners

Mike Slade

Second Avenue Partners