Restoring confidence.

Giving back

At RealSelf we believe in extending the life-changing power of confidence to people across the globe. To support that belief, we bring awareness to and provide funding for both global and local needs. For us, giving back is not something that happens just once a year. It’s at the core of who we are.

Global Access to Medical Care

According to the The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, more than 5 billion people lack the ability to get the basic surgical care they need, leaving them living with reparable birth defects, burns, or other injuries. As part of our mission to make a real impact on global access to necessary reconstructive surgery and medical treatments, RealSelf has funded medical trips to India and Vietnam, and in 2016 we launched the RealSelf Fellowship.


Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Dehradun, India

“The most important aspect of this work is the fact that it’s uniting humanity. By participating in these programs, these children’s whole lives will be different.”

-Dr. Rady Rahban, Plastic Surgeon