RealSelf Business & Operating Principles (BOPs)

Our Business & Operating Principles, which we affectionately refer to as BOPs, are how we evaluate ourselves and others at RealSelf. These represent our core values that exemplify how we all show up every day to create a world-class company and culture that we love.

THINK LIKE AN OWNER. Generate ideas and make decisions from a place of personal responsibility for the entire company’s results. You’re a steward of our scarce resources—time, energy, and money. Spend them like they are your own. 

OBSESS ABOUT CUSTOMERS. Satisfying customer problems comes first and foremost. Begin with the customer’s point of view—whether consumer, provider, or brand—to shape the experience and solutions that we offer.

STAY CURIOUS. Instead of resting in the belief that you have it all figured out, keep asking questions and always be looking toward what’s next.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Straightforward thinking keeps things moving. Distill down to what’s fundamental, and focus on delivering a value added experience.

DELIVER RESULTS. Set a high bar and focus efforts to achieve organizational results. There’s a difference between what you do and what you deliver.Your actions should yield real results.

BE DIRECT. Communicate authentically and thoughtfully. Clear, well-intentioned feedback is trusted and taken to heart.

ACT LIKE A LEADER. Work toward our common purpose, regardless of your role, title, or area of responsibility. Do what’s good for the whole of the company, our team, and the growth of those around you.