RealSelf Ambassadors

RealSelf Ambassadors play a key part in shaping the programs and features of RealSelf. They influence new initiatives that bring community members closer to providers in the modern beauty industry and other beauty enthusiasts. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Keep reading!

Be the voice of the RealSelf community

RealSelf Ambassadors are superstar community members recognized by the RealSelf team for the contributions they make to our community—sharing their treatment experiences, supporting others, and demonstrating transparency, helpfulness, and respect. 

Ambassadors receive exclusive rewards, access to events and RealSelf initiatives, participate in beauty product trials, and voice their thoughts on potential new website and app features and programs before they launch.

What’s it like to be an Ambassador?

Once you become an Ambassador, our only expectation is that you’ll keep doing what you do so well: sharing your experiences while cheering others on.

Here are just a few of the awesome perks RealSelf Ambassadors can look forward to:

  • Sneak peeks. Be first to learn about the newest features on RealSelf, new beauty products, and trending treatments. You’ll be invited to take part in exclusive RealSelf initiatives, too. 
  • A megaphone. We’re not sending you a RealSelf megaphone (though that would be pretty cool 😉), but you’ll be able to share your feedback with decision makers at RealSelf.
  • Product trials. Try out new skincare products and cosmetic treatments, and tell the rest of the RealSelf community about your experience.
  • An exclusive community. Discover and connect with like-minded beauty enthusiasts.
  • Ambassador information. Get an exclusive newsletter featuring the upcoming month’s activities, a behind-the-scenes look into RealSelf, and other valuable info.
  • Swag & incentives. Earn RealSelf goodies, treatment discounts, and free products, hand-picked just for Ambassadors. 
  • Exclusive experiences. Meet face-to-face with your fellow Ambassadors and top RealSelf providers, plus get priority access to RealSelf events. 
  • An enhanced profile. Show off your Ambassador status with an exclusive profile badge.

How do you become a RealSelf Ambassador?

RealSelf Ambassadors are selected via an application process. To be considered for the RealSelf Ambassador program, you must be an active RealSelf member with a track record of sharing your story and helping make our community a better place. Members who consistently support and help others are most likely to be selected.

All Ambassador applicants will also be considered based on the following criteria. Exceptions will be reviewed by the Ambassador team on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Reside in the United States (Our program scope currently doesn’t allow for international Ambassadors. We hope this changes soon!)
  • Be an active RealSelf member with only one account
  • Not have violated the RealSelf Code of Conduct at any time
  • Show a history of supporting the community through positive comments
  • Not work in the cosmetic surgery or medspa industry in any capacity
    • This includes but is not limited to: plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, any doctor or physician licensed to do elective cosmetic surgery, medical aesthetics professionals, estheticians, marketing professionals or influencers working for medical aesthetics brands, surgeons, clinics or med spas, or any professional who works at a med spa.
    • This ensures we maintain a bias- and consultation-free environment for beauty enthusiasts to share their authentic experiences.

If you think you’re RealSelf Ambassador material and would like to be considered, apply today

Have more questions? Feel free to email us at or see our Frequently Asked Questions.