Advertising Policy

Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted online destination for improving your body, face and smile. We empower you to make smart decisions that lead to great experiences.

RealSelf and Advertising

RealSelf is free for consumers. Doctors and aesthetic brands can purchase advertising on RealSelf to market to consumers, which is how RealSelf makes money.

Transparency is important to us. All ads are marked as “Advertisements” or “Sponsored.”

Can doctors or advertisers remove reviews?

Ads are displayed independently from consumer content. Advertisers can’t alter or remove content (including reviews), or influence how that content is displayed.

Who are your advertisers?

We only show ads from doctors who are qualified to perform the procedures they’re advertising (based on their board certifications and licensing) and from aesthetic brands.

Does RealSelf have any conflicts of interest?

RealSelf is a private, independent company, and is not materially affiliated with any advertisers on our site.

How does RealSelf use my personal data?

Please see the RealSelf Terms of Service for details.

Other questions?

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Last modified: September 4th, 2019