• April 21, 2020

Today and Our Next 13 Years

Today and Our Next 13 Years

637 266 Tom Seery

Today RealSelf became a smaller, yet still mighty team of 136 people. This is one of my most painful moments in my 13 years serving as CEO and founder. We said goodbyes to wonderful teammates across all parts of the business. We treasure and deeply respect each and every one of them.   

We made this difficult decision for a reason that has suddenly become far too familiar for businesses both small and large; Covid-19 has upended the lives of our customers. In most states and countries where we serve, elective medical procedures have been halted due to PPE shortages and stay at home orders. The surgeons, clinics and medical specialists we partner with have shut their doors and are effectively out of business. We share in the financial pain they’re encountering. 

To those we’ve said goodbye to today, we offer a heartfelt thank you for your incredible contributions to RealSelf and your teammates’ lives. We are fully aware the world you are entering is uncertain. We are here for you to open doors and unconditionally support your candidacy for a new role. To be as helpful as possible in the interim, we have modified our standard exit packages to offer a minimum of two months severance and benefits regardless of tenure. Our people team and managers will continue to support you in your transition, from offering personalized career counseling to mental health services. As a RealSelf alumni, you will always have access to our professional networks–including mine personally.

Today’s decision is sobering and difficult, but it was not done as a hasty reaction or without complete consideration of our future and the team members who will continue with us. Our roadmap is focused on continuing to make the consumer connections that will have the greatest impact. We believe the aesthetic market will recover, however, over a sustained period of time. We are encouraged that 98% of our community members polled stated their intent for an aesthetic treatment remains undeterred by Covid-19. Yet 6 out of 10 either have already been, or expect to be financially impacted by the virus and it will take time for consumers to feel confident in their discretionary spending and personal safety when entering a medical clinic. 

Social distancing has not stopped our community from socially connecting on RealSelf.com by the millions each month. Thousands each week are also using RealSelf to connect with an aesthetic doctor via our virtual appointments experiences or expert Q&A forums. We continue to serve a key role in educating consumers and medical practices, bringing transparency, innovations and human connections to the market at a time when they are so highly sought. Never before has the work we do been more important.

Our customers remain the North Star for RealSelf. We are going to be relentless about listening to them and serve their needs better than any other company. The RealSelf team is resilient and grounded in a belief that we will win.  

We’re ready for our next 13 years.