• September 23, 2019

Top 10 Questions RealSelf Employees Hear

Top 10 Questions RealSelf Employees Hear

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There can be a lot of questions associated with working at RealSelf, and we will be the first to admit it! We recently polled several employees, including members of our recruiting team, to come up with the top 10 questions we get asked about working here. Here is the finalized list, in no particular order. 

  1. Do employees get discounts on procedures?

No, but we do have an annual employee health and wellness fair, where we can purchase select treatments offered at a discounted rate. There is limited availability for these treatments though. 

2. Are all employees obsessed with getting plastic surgery? 

Definitely not. But we are obsessed with helping individuals who are considering elective cosmetic procedures make smart, informed decisions. As a result, we certainly know a ton about this industry—and believe us, there is a lot to learn! 

3. What’s your favorite part about working at RS?

This is a tough one to answer, since there are many wonderful things about working here. Top contenders though are the people, the work/life balance and the dogs—almost always the dogs. 

4. What is the culture like? 

Nothing in the tech-startup world is perfect, but we think RealSelf comes pretty darn close. Employees are empowered to own their career paths through a variety of tools that further professional development. You can learn more about those in a recent blog post from our head of learning and development. Empowered employees who enjoy working together is a recipe for success, in terms of culture. At least, we think so! 

5. What’s it like having dogs in the office?

The. Absolute. Best. We are lucky to have some very well-behaved, furry coworkers and a solid “paw law” to keep everything in line. For some visuals of the amazing dogs we work with, check out our RealSelfLife Instagram page

6. Is it hard to commute to Pioneer Square? 

It depends on several factors—mainly, where you are commuting from and whether or not there is an event happening at one of the nearby stadiums. Otherwise, Pioneer Square has become a hub for many companies, and therefore has increased parking options and better public transportation in the area. This makes commuting to Pioneer Square no different from getting to any other part of downtown Seattle. 

7. Do you drink cold brew all the time? 

Maybe not all the time, but many of us enjoy a cup or two of the refreshing and highly caffeinated beverage we have on tap. In addition to cold brew, we also feature a rotating selection of kombucha and craft-beer selections for employees to enjoy. 

8. Do you work at your desks all day? 

Not if we can help it. Our office is full of wonderful spaces for employees, so many of us capitalize on any opportunity we can to break away from our desk space. That’s not to say our desks aren’t amazing, because they are. We can stand or sit at them, with the adjustable height feature. Learn more about our incredible office space in this blog post from last year. 

9. What is the work/life balance like? 

We fully understand that employees have busy, fulfilling lives beyond their jobs, and we want to support that. Families and personal health/well-being always come first. This is a mentality echoed throughout the organization—and as a result, it leads to a very healthy work/life balance. Don’t take our word for it though! Check out what our employees have to say about working here on our Glassdoor page. 

10. Is RealSelf still considered a startup? 

Despite being nearly 13 years old, we still operate very much like a startup. We can be scrappy and fast-paced but also benefit from the years of experience and learning that come with being an older company. In short, RealSelf is still considered a startup at heart and will likely always operate that way.