• September 12, 2019

RealSelf Insider Program

RealSelf Insider Program

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The RealSelf Insider Program was created to recognize RealSelf community members who not only share their experiences openly but make an extra effort to encourage others along the way. We recently sat down with the two employees who manage the program, to learn more about their work and passion for our Insiders.

“The Insider Program is a great way for us to get close to our most engaged community members. Their feedback is truly impactful, and we appreciate anytime an Insider has feedback. I love managing this program for the unique stories each Insider brings to the group. Their stories are so unique and inspiring. It takes courage to share them, so I’m very thankful to them that they do.” —Geri 

“I love RealSelf because we’ve created a lovely space where people are so willing to share their stories and support others they’ve never met with such genuine care. The RealSelf Insider Program allows us to extend this further while also offering our Insiders a direct relationship with RealSelf. Perhaps the best part of the Insider program is that it allows us to get to know our members on a whole other level.” —Catherine

Why does this program exist?

A couple of years ago, we identified engaged and active community members who go above and beyond in sharing their stories and supporting others. It became apparent that we needed to create an exclusive community for those users. Initially, RealFriends was created to fill this need, and it grew to around 50 members. About a year later, the program evolved into what it is today. This group has proven invaluable to RealSelf, since these community members provide valuable feedback that helps determine different aspects of the business and the platform.

What is the current state of the program, and who are our Insiders? 

Currently, the RealSelf Insider Program has more than 600 members. The group is comprised of beauty enthusiasts who ultimately help elevate the RealSelf community. Through frequent touch points and programmatic testing, the Insiders provide valuable feedback in a variety of areas, including user experience. The Insiders also are early adopters—we couldn’t believe how many of them tried Jeuveau as soon as it launched!—letting us know what trends they are following and giving us great ideas for stories (such as “What I Wish I Had Known”).  

Our Insiders are mostly female, and the average age is 40, although they range from 18 to 80! We love having a wealth of perspectives, so we strive for representation and diversity across all demographics. Currently, our Insider group is U.S.-only, but as we grow, we will consider expanding internationally. 

Above are a few of our Insiders at the House of Modern Beauty in Austin at SXSW this year giving their take on modern beauty.

What is the future of the program? 

Our Insider program is just getting started! At RealSelf, we passionately believe in our consumer and taking their feedback to heart. We are excited to integrate our Insiders more deeply into being an extension of the RealSelf team and to give them more chances to test products (for free), provide feedback, and engage with the RealSelf team. There are active plans to build out more of an ambassador program, with in-person events so we can interact in real-time with our Insiders. We also can’t wait to meet even more of our Insiders at the RealSelf House of Modern Beauty as we expand to more locations (and offer additional swag and treatment-testing opportunities). 

What do RealSelf Insiders have to say about RealSelf and the Insider program in general? 

“I was thinking tonight about how much community there is present in the RealSelf Insider Facebook group. Isn’t it wonderful?! Look at how this group has grown and how friendships are being made.” —Andrea0804

“If it weren’t for your website and the reviews posted, I would not have gone through with my surgeries. I scoured the internet, trying to find people who were like me (size, goals, etc.), and couldn’t find any. Then my friend suggested your site. Once I logged on, I was shocked at how many people were in my same situation. It made the decision to move forward that much less scary. It also helped me in selecting my physician.” —Blueberry79

“I love helping others through their journey as I share my own. Honest reviews give a much better preview of what long-term effects are, and details help others cope with their own journeys. I believe this platform is about people helping people to become the most true form of their real self they can be, with wonderful support.” —Valley2Hills

To learn more about the program, check out this video on our RealSelfLife Instagram page. If you are interested in becoming an Insider, please visit our RealSelf Insider homepage to submit an application.