• August 1, 2019

Team Spotlight: Product

Team Spotlight: Product

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We created the Team Spotlight series to highlight all the great work happening across the organization. First up in the series, the product team! Its main focus is to provide a product that best serves our consumer as they make informed decisions around self-improvement. This team is small but mighty, with only four current members and two open positions.

How does this team serve all our customers?

At RealSelf, we have three sides to the marketplace—the site users, the providers, and the industry brands we work with. The individuals on this team work tirelessly to create a product that meets the needs of our unique, multifaceted marketplace. Each product manager at RealSelf has clear ownership of a company objective and therefore has a special opportunity to directly impact and shape the experience consumers have on our site. 

What is a current problem this team is working on?

There is no shortage of exciting and challenging problems to take on as a RealSelf product manager. Given the multidimensional industry we work in, there is an ongoing challenge to satisfy each type of consumer. As a result, one of the more important tasks the team is currently tackling involves connecting users with providers in a way that works best for both parties. Users often want as much information as possible up front—and preferably online—while providers typically want to see patients in their offices and take a more personalized approach. RealSelf is working to bridge this gap and offer users a great experience online that includes connecting them directly with providers so that their questions are answered by the experts themselves.  

How does this team’s work further our mission of helping consumers make smart, confident decisions?

Our product team members are always putting themselves in the shoes of the consumer to best understand their wants and needs. Through frequent user surveys and tests, the team is able to tailor its work to meet the current requests of our users. For example, users have recently expressed a desire for more pricing transparency on various treatments and procedures, so the team is actively working to embed this into the user experience and ultimately contribute to increased information for our savvy consumer. 

How does the team stay connected and up-to-date on necessary information? 

This team values face-to-face interactions on a daily basis. Team members are in constant communication, via email and Slack, and touch base in person daily at brief stand-up meetings. Since each member of the team is hyper-focused on solving the problem at hand, direct and kind communication is key for optimal efficiency. Hear more about how the product team collaborates in this recent Built In article

What does the team have to say?

“One of the best things about being a product manager at RealSelf is being surrounded by a group of very bright, driven, and creative people. We also get to work on some unique and interesting problems and are given a lot of autonomy in defining strategies and tactics to solve those problems. It’s a great place to be, if you enjoy being empowered to make decisions, drive vision, and work with some fun people!” —Joey Gill, senior product manager 

“My experience with being a part of the product team at RealSelf has been very positive. Everyone on the team is smart and fun to work with. We are a very collaborative team … always helping the other members when needed. Whether it’s exploring a new idea or executing a given project, I feel fortunate that I get to work with such a great team every day.”

—Leigh Enselman, product manager

“One thing I love about our product team members is their willingness to self-reflect and strive to be better than they were yesterday. They have tough decisions to make on a daily basis, and mistakes happen. But they focus on learning and making adjustments. They pick each other up. Over time, that type of attitude leads to compounding gains. It is a gift to be part of such a team.” —Avinash Sharma, senior director of product

This team is currently hiring, so we welcome you to check out our open roles, if you are interested in joining the product team at RealSelf.