• May 31, 2018

Giving At RealSelf

Giving At RealSelf

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At RealSelf, we believe in every person’s right to own her/his own body, choices and life. We seek out opportunities to empower people both within our community here in Seattle, Washington, as well as within our global community. Giving back is core to who we are—it’s not just about writing checks or doing something once a year. – RealSelf Giving Philosophy

2017 annual giving report

By Sarah Williams, Program Manager, CSR & Employee Engagement

When considering working for RealSelf, I was intrigued by the company’s philanthropy. In my initial interview with Tom Seery, our Founder & CEO, he explained the personal connection he has to philanthropy and why he believes giving needs to be at the heart of who we are as a company, not just something we do once a year. I was sold and couldn’t wait to dive right into this company and its giving program.

In 2016, the local and global giving programs were divided into two separate efforts. While giving back on a global scale was still evolving for RealSelf, we wanted to ensure employees had a variety of opportunities to give back to our local community in ways that were meaningful to them. Our local giving team is open to all employees and a smaller dynamic team supports the global efforts and Fellowship program.

Over the years, both our local and global giving efforts have continued to grow. To date, we have completed three successful rounds of the Fellowship, leading to $215K in total contributions from RealSelf towards the efforts of 70 medical professionals traveling all over the globe. Additionally, we have committed to sending 10 RealSelf employees to India in 2018 to help in surgical and burn camp settings as part of our ongoing partnership with ReSurge International. RealSelf also committed to sponsoring a Women in Surgery & East Africa Regional Training in 2018 with the support of partnering organization, Mission: Restore. On a local level, we have a number of activities that happen each quarter including: donation drives, community cleanup efforts, volunteering at non-profit warehouses, and reviewing scholarship applications for a local college.

Our overall giving program goal is that employees are proud of what we achieve and want to take part. It has always been apparent that RealSelf employees are very philanthropically-minded and love to give back. Not only do these giving efforts foster team building and employee engagement, but they allow each employee an opportunity to connect more deeply on issues that matter most to them, both within their local community and on a larger global scale.

“RealSelf’s giving programs have been a regular pulse behind everything the office does. Year-round, there’s always something going on or on-deck bringing coworkers together cross-team and providing a heartening reminder that we’re working for more than just our online community, but our local and global community as well.David Ross, Software Engineer II

As our employee and consumer base continue to grow, we are working towards becoming a 1% company. With this growth, it is extremely important to us to make ongoing efforts to combine who we are with how we give. One thing will remain the same though, we will always give back and it will always be primarily employee driven.

If joining the RealSelf team and our growing giving impact is of interest to you, check out our open roles for opportunities to get involved! Follow our RealSelfLife Instagram account for news on events and general company updates.

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