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Giving Back: Celebrating the Start of School With a Treehouse Drive


At RealSelf, we love to find ways to give back, and the Treehouse back-to-school donation drive seemed an especially great opportunity to contribute to our Seattle-area community.

An organization that supports foster children, helping to give them “a childhood and a future,” Treehouse has a strong focus on leveling the playing field for foster kids, so they can graduate on par with their peers.

A big part of feeling confident about going back to school is having appropriate gear and nice clothes. This year, Treehouse’s Wearhouse expects at least 900 kids and their foster families to come through its doors to prepare for fall classes.

During our two-week donation drive, we collected over 80 backpacks and 70 items of clothing.

There’s still time to help! If you’d like to host a donation drive or make a gift, contact Treehouse.

Learn more about RealSelf and all our giving efforts, including our new Fellowship for doctors. 

The Dogs of RealSelf

We’re a fast-growing company with 100-plus staff, but our favorite workmates tend to be our dogs. While every day is dog day at RealSelf, to celebrate National Dog Day, we’ve posted a few of our regulars seen around the office, coding skills optional.

FullSizeRender (1)

Name: Coconut Disco

Age: Around 3

Breed: Chihuahua with some Dalmatian, according to a questionable DNA test

Department: PR/Marketing

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “Even though I can’t type, RealSelf welcomes me with open arms as a member of the team.”

If I were a human, I would be: “The Queen.”


Name: Maggie

Age: 10

Breed: Everything!

Department: Community

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “All the cuddles. Cuddles are my favorite!”

If I were a human, I would be: “A nurse. I love looking after people and making them feel better!”


Name: Pete

Age: 10 (70 in dog years!)

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Department: Admin ops

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “All the people and the attention!”

If I were a human, I would be: “A ladies’ man. You would probably find me on The Bachelor.”


Name: Bone

Age: 8 months

Breed: Golden Doodle

Department: Community

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “All the love.”

If I were human, I would be: “George Clooney before he met Amal — all the ladies love me, but I just won’t commit.”


Name: Moose

Age: 5.5 Months

Breed: Field-line Golden Retriever

Department: Sales/Admin

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “Inhaling food and crumbs off the floor because I am a living vacuum.”

If I were human, I would be: “A happy wittle toddler.”


Name: Nico

Age: 8

Breed: Alaskan Klee Kai

Department: E-mail and Analytics

Favorite part of working at RealSelf? “I get pet a lot and sometimes get to play with other dogs. I’m also not left alone, which is the worst thing ever.”

If I were a human: “I could take advantage of my looks and be a model (everyone thinks I’m adorable), or my springiness and be an athlete.”


Name: Oscar

Age: 2.5

Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier

Department: Content

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “Smelling all the smells.”

If I were a human, I would be: “Justin Timberlake, a forever puppy.”


Name: Tully

Age: 4

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Department: Doctor Advisor

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “The love I get from the ladies, and the reprieve from my 4-month-old Dalmatian sister.”

If I were a human, I would be: “Al Pacino, a small Italian man with lady skills.”


Name: Lucas

Age: 8

Breed: Pomeranian-ish

Department: Recruiting

Favorite part of working at RealSelf: “Being with Mom all day. The leftover hot dog pieces on Occidental Avenue after game days are also great.”

If I were a human, I would be: “Wait, I’m not?”

Find out more about working at RealSelf, and all the other perks of our office.

Watch: Why We Love Working at RealSelf

We’re excited to share two new videos about why RealSelf is such a great place to work!

Our Online Community

The RealSelf team talks about how our online community brings transparency to life-changing decisions, while also being a trusted place for people to share experiences. 

“We’re providing information and community for people that are in transformative places in their lives,” says Ed Anderson, a DevOps engineer.

Work Life at RealSelf

Look inside our beautiful new office space and hear what inspires us about working here.

“You definitely get access to have your voice heard, whether it be in decisions about what we do in the office, or big product changes that are going to impact millions of people in the community,” says Jennifer Moses, our PR director.

Want to learn more about working at RealSelf? Check out our careers page for information about joining our team.

RealSelf Takes Home Gold! Thrilled to Win the Best Workplace Award from “Puget Sound Business Journal”

It's official--we're the best place to work!We won! Last night, we were delighted to win the Puget Sound Business Journal‘s award for Best Workplace in the 100-249 employee category.

We were in good company. PSBJ gave top awards to just four companies out of the 80 that employees voted best places to work. RealSelf took the gold medal in the 100-249 employee category, while Moz took silver and BitTitan took the bronze.

PSBJ reported that employees at “nearly 300 companies throughout the state completed workplace satisfaction surveys.”

Our staffers joined nearly 1,300 other people at Safeco Field to celebrate PSBJ‘s Best Workplace awards. As you can see, we were plenty proud of our win!

Read all about us in the Aug. 12 print edition of PSBJ.


Do you want to work for one of the Pacific Northwest’s very best companies? We’re hiring!

How We Choose to Give Back: CEO Tom Seery Talks About the New RealSelf Fellowship

At RealSelf, we view giving back as our social responsibility, core to our beliefs and culture. A guiding principle to our support of local charities and international medical volunteers is to seek out meaningful ways to make a difference in restoring hope, confidence, and a positive future for those who are most vulnerable and underserved.

We’re excited about the next step in our global giving efforts: the RealSelf Fellowship. This new program expands on our ongoing commitment to support physicians and other medical providers who donate their time and expertise in developing countries.

The origination of the RealSelf Fellowship concept

Particularly in India, we saw firsthand that when a person has terrible body or facial burns, it’s an incredibly challenging injury.

Contractures and injuries resulting from a severe burn are certainly improved after undergoing treatment by a visiting volunteer team of reconstructive surgery experts. But a single surgery does not restore a person to a normal path of life. Burn victims require numerous surgical procedures, often dozens, over long periods of time, plus physical therapy.

The need for reconstructive surgery in the world is vast, and the impact from our annual medical trip sponsorship is subscale with respect to the global problem. Billions of people in the world suffer from reparable conditions like cleft palates and hand injuries. This led us to ask, how can we have a broader, sustained impact in these communities?

Our fellowship concept arose from the fact that every day thousands of doctors engage directly with our online community. The fellowship is a vehicle by which we can help, encourage, and share stories about the humanitarian work these caregivers are doing and planning to do.

The RealSelf Fellowship program goal

Beyond increasing the capacity for medical care in the developing world, we want to raise awareness by telling more stories, like we’ve done in Vietnam and India. It’s not to campaign or raise money with our patient audience. We hope this opens people’s minds and hearts.

As we kick off the RealSelf Fellowship program, our goal is to award six grants, at minimum. In 2017, we hope to double this commitment.

Why the RealSelf Fellowship targets needs in developing nations

The most dramatic lack of care exists in developing countries. Zambia is a country the size of Texas, with about 14.5 million people and only one reconstructive plastic surgeon available to help people with injuries, congenital disorders, you name it.

Compounding these challenges are the disparities that exist among the most vulnerable populations of the world, people who have no resources, no money — they are really living on life’s edge. They have to cook meals over open fires with dangerous equipment. The injury rates and types of injuries are something we haven’t seen here for generations. That combination of factors makes the fellowship incredibly needed.

However, if a fellowship application came in from a place like Appalachia, and we became aware that there was an equivalently dire situation happening, we’d consider it. We’re not going to be close-minded, but generally we’re looking to help where there’s the most severe lack of access and quality of care.

Living our values  

One of our core values is to be continuously accelerating our rate of learning. Our fellowship program will, by design, offer us a unique window into the world of giving, humanitarianism, and the medical needs of people all over the globe. I can only imagine we’ll be humbled by what we learn.

Learn more about the RealSelf Fellowship and how to apply here.