• May 18, 2015

Defining the Damn Data

Defining the Damn Data

150 150 RealSelf Team

jenm-pro-headshot_largeAs a UX designer here at RealSelf, I collaborate with a larger team of product managers, developers, other designers and analysts (among others) to help create the best possible product features for our users. So I was excited to get the opportunity to share our design process with a larger audience, as one of the many speakers at the annual IA Summit, held last month in Minneapolis, MN. Each year at the IAS, information architects, user experience designers and content strategists come together to learn from each other and help advance our shared disciplines.

My talk, Defining the Damn Data, focused on how we use data at RealSelf to help inform product and design decisions every step of the way, from prioritizing features to validating specific designs with our users. While a podcast with audio will be posted shortly, for now you can view my slides to take a peek into our evolving process.

Jen Matson