• March 25, 2015

RealSelf Fits Squarely in Rich Barton’s Power to the People Thesis

RealSelf Fits Squarely in Rich Barton’s Power to the People Thesis

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Rich Barton is one of our early investors, and long-term board members, who has a consistent and inspiring investment thesis. He supports startups, like RealSelf, that bring much needed transparency to a market. In his words, “if it can be rated it will be rated. If it can be free it will be free, and if it can be known it will be known” in today’s social media-enabled world.

Yesterday Rich visited with our team during our “Tasty Tuesday” lunch ritual and shared his history with RealSelf, passion for the deep soul-fullness of our product, and personal belief we can become the next great media brand that lasts for decades.

Rich Barton and Tom Seery

Rich Barton delivering a key point that the mobile-enabled web has enabled a revolution, without violence

Rich explained, “what gets me so excited about RealSelf is that it fits with this thesis I have that I call ‘power to the people.'” which is founded on his belief that tremendous value is created when you unlock important information that was traditionally only known by an elite few. Consumers can now access the key insights needed to make better, informed decisions due to social media and the instant access granted by powerful, mobile-enabled devices.

Rich touched upon how his key investments in startups marry up a clear social purpose and a great business model. “It makes me really excited that I know at RealSelf —as well as Zillow, Expedia, Avvo, and Glassdoor–we are doing things that are really good for people and empowering. And, we are doing it in vertical industries where there’s lots of money so we can actually make a good living and create valuable businesses.”

Later Rich tweeted his wrap ups: